Published 18 Oct 22

I love tiles.

Having grown up in the tile world as part of a family that are fourth generation tile merchants, tiles are in my blood. I spent 15 years in the family business learning from the ground up, so I have an in-depth knowledge of tiles, how they function and perform, and how to make a wide variety of tiles work for the interior and exterior of a home.


Just about every project KWD works on – be it a new build or a renovation – involves tiles. Tiles for the floor in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas, for pools and spas, for bathroom walls and shower recesses and for kitchen splashbacks.


With so many tiles to choose from with incredible local suppliers, and with such a variety of ways to lay tiles, the end results can be truly breathtaking. Being creative with tiles has never been so much fun, and with innovative developments from companies with first class design studios, having a great looking quality tile doesn’t have to be overly expensive.


When it comes to tiling, we recommend Henry Kaderoglu of Master Tiling. He is an old school gentleman who takes such pride in his work. He’s been a certified tiler for over 24 years and has never changed his business name or phone number, so that his clients can remain in contact with him if they ever have any issues – but they never do of course. He works on interior and exterior tiling with all sorts of materials from porcelain and marble to granite and travertine.


“My sole aim is to have very happy clients,” says Henry. “You have to be very patient to be a tiler and take great pride in your work to ensure every detail is perfect, that nothing gets broken and that everything is clean and neat. There’s no point in having the most beautiful tiles if they are not perfectly laid.”


“Kate understands tiles and tiling, she has worked in the business for so long.  She knows my work and she knows I care about quality and customer satisfaction. If the installation isn’t perfect there will be so many issues, and replacing tiles is a very expensive exercise. A tiler has to get it right first time.”


With so many tiles to choose from, selecting the right tiles can be a little daunting. Check out our carefully curated collection at KWD&Co. – there’s something to suit every taste. And if you feel like you need some guidance, why not book a consultation with KWD Access? You can get inside the brain of the KWD design team at a fraction of the price that it would cost for a bespoke design service.


The first step is for you to complete a detailed questionnaire so we can get a real feel for the room/area you need assistance with, and we ask you to send us floor plans, any Pinterest/Houzz links you have and any images of the look you are hoping to achieve. We also love to get an idea of the occupants of your home and of your lifestyle so we can help you create the perfect look for you, that suits your budget. And if you’re not sure of which direction to take design-wise, we help you drill down to find the perfect solution for you. 


Whilst it’s a one-hour consultation on the phone, the KWD design team puts in lots of work behind the scenes, making the design process easy. At the end of your consultation, we’ll get to work on creating your very own flat lay and we’ll provide a schedule of colours and finishes created just for you and your project – paint colours, tiles, timber, carpet, rugs, benchtops, natural stone, splash back looks, tapware and door hardware, joinery styles, wallpaper swatches, lighting ideas and furniture suggestions.

By choosing a KWD&Co. Access consultation, there’s no longer the trepidation of second guessing design choices. We help you make the hard decisions that you can feel confident with.

Book here: http://bit.ly/2mgftRk

Henry can be contacted via email: info@mastertiling.com.au


Images: Armelle Habib / Brent Lukey / I Got Shot By Charlie