Product Focus: Lighting

Published 18 Oct 22
Product Focus: Lighting


Lighting makes such a difference in turning a house into a home. From wall sconces to floor lamps and oversized pendant lights, we always encourage our clients to make a feature of the lighting – to add to the design aesthetic and to create a beautiful atmosphere.

One of our key supply partners when it comes to lighting is The Montauk Lighting Co. They are experts in helping to bring an architectural and design vision to life.

Based in Perth and established in 2016, The Montauk Lighting Co. brings some of the best feature lighting in the world to Australia. Distinctive, high quality lighting created by renowned and acclaimed international designers including Ralph Lauren Home, Kelly Wearstler, Aerin and Kate Spade. (All of their lighting is wired specifically for Australia.)

The story of The Montauk Lighting Co. is a really interesting one – born from a love of transitional American interiors (something we can relate to at KWD!). The style of lighting they sell is inspired by the architecture of New York City and in particular, the classic homes in the Hamptons. Indeed their name is taken from that very area – you’ll find Montauk at the tip of Long Island. Montauk is a little more ‘raw’ than the other towns in the uber-glamorous Hamptons. It is famous for its incredible beaches and sunsets and the laid-back vibe. Not dissimilar to Perth – a place that is relaxed and a little off the beaten track, where nature is the star and people can escape the frantic pace of city life and rejuvenate.

Above: Poolside cool at The Montauk Beach House 

Lighting is one of the most important factors for creating ambience in a room. Director of The Montauk Light Co., Marie Botsis-Premici explains, “In terms of style, lighting can make a huge statement and create the wow factor in any interior. And if you have multiple sources of light, you’re better able to control the ambience.”

“The Americans use lighting very cleverly and are not afraid to use wall sconces, lamps and stunning statement lights. It is really the case that lighting can be used to add a little or a lot of style to any space and the options are endless.” 

As well as selling product, the Montauk Lighting Co. provides a consultancy service. “We aim to take the work out of finding the perfect lights and designing well-lit spaces,” Marie says. “We work with clients individually to understand the look and feel they want to achieve. We have access to well over 2500 lights by internationally acclaimed designers, so we can narrow the search down to a selection that is very manageable. We also help work through lighting plans and suggest edits and revisions as required.”

Marie says one of the most obvious questions to ask when planning lighting for a new home or renovation is whether there is enough light available. “Work with your designer or architect to understand the role that natural light will play in your home and be sure to understand the impact of summer and winter sun and the orientation of your home,” she says.

“From here, you can begin to plan out the key areas where you might need to bolster some lighting or go easy in others. Clearly, you will always need lighting at night, so look at your key rooms with both day and night in mind.”

Task lighting will illuminate the areas where you need adequate functional lighting. Think kitchen, bathroom or office. Whereas mood or feature lighting adds style and helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

“A great example is in the kitchen, where these days we see more and more feature and functional lighting used in the one space,” Marie says. “We love feature lights over the island bench and some flush downlights in glass display cabinets in the overhead cupboards. But these aren’t enough on their own in a kitchen space – overhead lighting around your prep and cooking space is paramount, and you just can’t beat recessed lighting underneath your overhead cupboards to light up the benchtop space.”

We encourage clients to see lighting as art. “Lighting can play a really big part in creating a beautiful home instantly,” she says. “A stunning chandelier or unique pendant has the potential to completely transform a room in your home. A show-stopping lighting fixture is only part of the lighting plan puzzle. You can design and decorate the most beautiful room but if your feature lighting is totally overwhelming the space, then what’s the point?”

Marie says feature lighting is increasingly playing a role in creating more cosy spaces, especially in 2020 when we are spending more time at home than ever before. She says it’s possible to use lighting to create different zones within open-plan layouts. “Why not create a zone in the kitchen with stunning island bench lighting? You can then focus on the dining space by hanging a pendant over the dining table or perhaps install some statement wall sconces. Then move into the living space and create little nooks for reading using floor lamps alongside beautiful armchairs and even consider a statement pendant over the coffee table. Just be mindful of bringing the looks together and being conscious that your choices all work together. They don’t have to be ‘matchy’ – as long as they tell a coherent story, then you’re set.”

Have a chat with the KWD team if you are looking for direction on how to implement the best lighting solutions in your home – or if you need advice about the most effective lighting choices to reflect your design style, the period of your home and the functionality of each space. We’re here to help.