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KWD&Co. Access is a design experience focused on personalisation. Whether you’re undertaking a simple DIY and want to work out which aesthetic to use, or if you need confirmation of your colour palette, advice on your hard finishes, or just want to make sure you are making the right design decisions, KWD&Co. Access is the solution for you.

Design meets functionality with our carefully considered and curated online collection of hard finishes and soft furnishings. Elevate your home with confidence, with KWD&Co.

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Kate Walker - Guest Editor of Home Beautiful Magazine

'Welcome to a Master Class in the Art of Joyful Living.'

The art of joyful living creates space and time for the slowing down of life, so families can share special moments, and make memories in the ordinariness of every day. This issue is filled with never-before-seen KWD projects showcasing an array of design aesthetics. We share practical tips and tricks that you can implement to create your own version of 'Home Beautiful.'


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