Design Made Easy

Published 14 Oct 22
Design Made Easy

We are so excited to have found a way to make great design available to those for whom engaging a designer is out of reach.” Kate Walker

When KWD launched our KWD&Co., Access program in 2021, the goal was to provide an accessible design solution for clients who were undertaking a simple DIY project and needed some design direction, and for those who needed advice on which aesthetic to work with for their renovation or new build. The online consultation aimed to offer clarity on colour palettes, hard finishes and space planning, and to consolidate ideas for joinery design, window furnishings and interior decoration. The goal was simple, to create a platform that made interior design accessible to anyone, on any budget.

Three years on, we are so proud that we have offered this express design solution to hundreds of homeowners around Australia, and internationally. Location is no barrier to our online consultations, and the KWD design team has loved helping bring design dreams to life for our KWD&Co. Access clients.

One of our first clients was Daniel Booth and his partner, who had purchased a property in Miami in Queensland, demolishing the existing dwelling to build a brand-new duplex. The stylish contemporary façade houses a large two-storey home of over 280sqm, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms ideal for a growing family.  

Explains Daniel. “We had a clear idea of what we wanted to build – a contemporary coastal family home. Whilst we knew the design concept was right, we were unsure about how to make it happen. We had followed KWD and KWD&Co.’s Instagram, and felt that our project would benefit from KWD’s design expertise.”

“We booked a KWD&Co. Access consultation so we could talk directly with the KWD&Co. Access team. It gave us the opportunity to talk with them about what we hoped to create, and it was the best decision we made. The consultation with Kate and her team was so inspiring, and so efficient. We came fully prepared to the online meeting with what we loved, and during the one hour meeting we talked through the design concept and the hard finishes. At the end of the consultation we had such clarity, and within a short time after the discussion we received a full finishes schedule that we used as a guide for our whole project. They suggested tiles, timber and carpet which we were able to source locally. They even suggested paint colours and landscaping ideas too.”

From that one-hour initial phone consultation we got a really strong design direction and Kate and the team guided us through what we needed to do during the construction process. We decided to purchase a second KWD&Co. Access appointment to talk through the joinery design and this further consolidated what we needed with loads of help, advice and guidance. Kate and the whole team were really generous with their time.”

The property is now available for sale via Ron London at London Estate Agents:

So how does KWD Access work?

  1. Simply book your KWD&Co. Access consultation here:
  2. The KWD&Co. Access team will make contact with you to book your consultation time and email your questionnaire.
  3. Spend some time completing your questionnaire and email it to KWD&Co. Access with all your documentation (photos, Pinterest board, Dropbox folder etc). This material is the key to making the most of your consultation and to getting the most successful outcome for your project. The KWD&Co. Access team will get to work, looking through your vision board and all of the ideas you have collated so they are fully prepared for your phone consultation with loads of ideas to help create the perfect design for you.
  4. The KWD&Co. Access team member will contact you at the agreed time for your one-hour consultation, during which time they will discuss the details of your project, listen to what you are wanting to achieve and suggest the best design options for you.
  5. Following your consultation, the KWD&Co. Access team will send you the details of the discussion. It will include the hard finishes to best suit your brief (tiles, timber, carpets, rugs, stair runners etc) and any other specifications we would like your project to include. They will also send you a beautiful sample box (if applicable) which will be carefully packaged and sent to you.
  6. KWD&Co. Access will contact you to confirm receipt of your sample box and finishes schedule, discuss any queries you may have and assist with the ordering of any materials. At this point the KWD&Co. online shop will be a fantastic resource for you.