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Giallo Reale Marble - Square Stone Tile - Tumbled

Giallo Reale Marble - Square Stone Tile - Tumbled

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Colour: Golden Tones

Product Description

Giallo Reale presents a golden façade with shades of light yellow and soft pink.  With this distinct colouring, Giallo Reale has firmly established itself as a sought after and decadent decorative stone. The natural imperfections provide a unique character, and the tumbled edges offer a timeless, aged appearance.

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Bathroom Flooring
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Product Specifications

Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 10mm
Finish: Tumbled
Material: Giallo Reale Marble
Unit of Measure: per m2
Refer to Care & Maintenance Documentation
Please Note: Natural colour variations are a feature of this tile

Care & Maintenance

Tile Care & Maintenance can be found here
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